Jirous Jirous JR-250-L1 kültéri alumínium ház parabolához, csattal

Jirous Jirous JR-250-L1 kültéri alumínium ház parabolához, csattal
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Jirous JR-250-L1 kültéri alumínium ház parabolához, csattal
Márka: Jirous
Cikkszám: JR-250-L1
Kiszerelés: db


GentleBOX JR-250 Alu



Technical parameters
Inner size 246 x 185 x 61/50 mm
Material Aluminum alloy with hight corrosion protection
Instalation for all parabolic antennas of rank JRC-xx and JRB-xx
Weight 1,5 kg

  • GentleBOX JR-250 Alu is an ideal box for installation of electronics for the series parabolic antennas JRC-xx and JRB-xx MIMO
  • Metal body assures rezistance against interferences, hight rezistance against lightning and water
  • Hinge with end stop for cable glands protection
  • The package includes cable gland, which is secured against spinning by specially molded retaining lines

  • Assembling screws and plastic self-hold distance tubes (8/8 pcs)
  • UBNT Rocket instalation by GentleCLIP
  • Ready for easy instalation Mikrotik RouterBoards RB 411, RB911, RB912, RB433, RB493, others by sheet (not including the package)
RB411/911/912 RB911/912 RB433 RB493
Suitable for:

  • Plus side screw for rigit assemblig with antenna
  • Possibility to use up to 10 cable glands (centres for drilling the holes are marked)

Availables models:
  • JR-250 S1 - lock by non-lose screws, one cable gland


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