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Jirous Jirous JRC-24 parabola antenna pár 5GHz 24dBi, N aljzat

Jirous Jirous JRC-24 parabola antenna pár 5GHz 24dBi, N aljzat
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Jirous JRC-24 parabola antenna pár 5GHz 24dBi, N aljzat
Márka: Jirous
Cikkszám: JRC-24
Kiszerelés: pár


Parabolic antenna JRC-24



JRC-24 Plane EJRC-24 Plane H

Mouting instruction
Mouting instruction

Other variants:
  • excellent parabolic antenna for demanding users
  • directional links for medium and long distance, also short in difficult conditions
  • client antenna for larger distances or for difficult conditions
  • outdoor usage
  • all-metal construction, parabola made of aluminium alloy
  • holder is prepared for instalation of GentleBOX JR-200, the connector leads into it directly
  • setting elevation (of gradient) and azimuth has independent adjustment
  • VSWR is measured during the manufacture of every piece
  • you can count attainable distance from section of calculation
  • radom (plastic parabola cover) for each antenna free!

Technical parameters
Frequency range 5,0 - 5,95 GHz
Gain 22 dBi 5,2 GHz
23,5 dBi 5,8 GHz
VSWR 5,35-5,95 GHz ≤ 1,5
Front to back ratio ≥ 30 dB
Beamwidth-3 dB 8,8°
Connector N - Female
Polarization horizontal or vertical according to radiator position
Parabola ? 38 cm
aluminium alloy with baking colour
Cover UV steady plastic ABS

The radiator is internally treated by high frequency technology "Hydrophobic coating" which increases resistance against humidity.

Recommended accessories:


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