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Mikrotik Újdonságok

2022-05-03 10:42


Your most affordable, compact, energy-efficient doorway to the world of 100 Gigabit networking. This switch is the next step in upgrading existing 10 or 25 Gigabit networks.

List price is $799

LHG LTE18 kit

Great distances, even greater speedwith the power of the ultra fast LTE Category 18 modem. Speeds up to one Gbps! Last-mile-internet solution for the most remote areas.

  • Product code: LHGGM&EG18-EA
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List price is $279


The silent powerhouse. This powerful and affordable router crushes all previous CCR models in single-core performance. Now with passive cooling!

List price is $465


Be prepared for the unexpected with the backup hot-swappable fans for our newest devices, such as the<