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Új Mikrotik eszközök érkeznek tavasszal

2022-04-04 13:16


The new MikroTik flagship with the power of a whole fleet.

Unleash the power of 100 Gigabit networking with L3 Hardware Offloading! This router can be a handy drop-in upgrade for existing CCR1072 setups.

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List price is $ 2,795

New 60GHz products

Save time and money on cable installations and maintenance with our first 802.11ay 60 GHz (+ automatic 5 GHz failover) devices. For higher distances, greater speed, and even better stability. They come in three variations:

CubeSA 60Pro ac (CubeG-5ac60ay-SA)

CubeSA 60Pro ac - a sector antenna to connect multiple 60 GHz devices.

List price is $ 199



Cube 60Pro ac (CubeG-5ac60ay)

Cube 60Pro ac  - a point-to-point CPE for bridging up to 2.4 km. List price is $ 149

Also available Wireless Wire Cube Pro (CubeG-5ac60aypair) - a kit of two preconfigured Cube 60Pro ac devices.

List price is $ 298              Watch video     PDF brochure


A smart PCIe network interface card that adds full-fledged router capabilities to your servers. The smart and easy way to create 25 Gigabit networks if you want to save space in your server room!

Watch video                                                         PDF brochure     List price is $ 199



10 Gigabit SFP+  fibre connectivity way over a 100 meters – for small offices or ISPs. Hardware offloaded VLAN-filtering and even some L3 routing on a budget!

An indoor variation of the prominent netFiber 9.

Watch video                                                        PDF brochure     List price is $ 199